Storytelling is a rich tradition that has been around for centuries.  It pervades all parts of our society and culture and most recently has become a marketing tactic for many companies.  More often we are seeing customers tell their personal stories to help build trust that creates visually data-driven campaigns.  These ads grab your attention to cut through the noise of a world full of distractions and ads. 

Consumers today are becoming less susceptible to traditional methods of advertising, which is why storytelling is so powerful. It brings a level of authenticity that consumers were missing.  Storytelling helps to put the most important messages to the forefront and helps the consumer focus on the most relevant facts. Consequently, a well-presented story is most successful when it is remembered for a long period of time. 

So why not bring the practice of storytelling into your everyday training curriculum? 

Presenting your content with a clear concise story or timeline engages your employees and allows them to focus on your message. Our platform allows you to link your content straight from an agenda.  An agenda drives your story through its own timeline. Let your employees cut through the noise of content distractions and focus on that timeline by following the story of your agenda.


Not only can the agenda link to PDFs and videos by clicking on the right hand image in the agenda module, but also it can link to other content like Q&A, audience response systems, surveys, knowledge checks, and any other assessment you might want your attendees to complete.

If your employees aren’t attending meetings, but you still want a way to tell the story of your curriculum, another way to do that is through our Checklist Module that allows you to serve up content daily, weekly, or monthly. It lets you keep all your content in one place even though it might live in many different places like a Learning Management System or within internal company tools or websites.


If you’d like help telling the story of your training curriculum contact us today!

Noel Howell