COVID-19 and your meetings

Meeting Engagement doesn’t have to stop because your attendees can't travel.  

Everyone is now aware of the Coronavirus and its impact on families, plans, and day-to-day decisions. At the time of writing, there are over 100,000 (500+ in the US) confirmed cases of COVD-19 and experts are confident that number will rise significantly. 

Airports, train stations, bus depots, and generally any large meeting spaces are going to be places to avoid. We are already seeing instances of closures altogether. Many large scale events (concerts, conventions, sporting events) have already been canceled and that trend could continue. (read more here - Canceled Events) . This trend of cancelations is now impacting corporate meeting decision makers.

While some are fearing for the worst and taking extreme precaution others are moving forward stating that cancellations are premature at this time. (read more here - No reason to cancel)

Travel is a risk your organization might not want to take on, but you still have a live meeting coming up and need a plan to reorganize!

Why do you have meetings in the first place? Engagement! You want to engage your attendees so they can learn and then apply new skills and ideas after the meeting to drive results.  

The three key pillars of engagement at meetings are collaboration, alignment, and measurement.


These 3 pillars of Engagement can be achieved remotely.

Here's how: 

4th Down App can deliver all your meeting materials digitally and also provide an interactive agenda so users know what time sessions are and how they are being delivered (Zoom, Adobe Connect, Web-Ex, etc). In addition 4th Down can add engagement features to enhance the virtual experience to ensure the end result (Engaged attendees) is met. Our platform tracks usage so you can measure engagement in real-time.  

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For a virtual event we suggest the following Engagement solutions:

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 9.54.54 AM.png


4th Down’s social experience allows your attendees to share, message and interact virtually.



Deliver all your workshop materials digitally and measure the learning through our gamificaiton experiences.



Utilize our Netflix style experience for pushing out general session and workshop videos.


The challenge we now face is balancing our attendee safety and the fears of contracting the virus against keeping the business productive. Choosing to cancel your upcoming events might be in the best interest of your organization. 4th Down is here to help you drive your meeting message  & engagement in a safe, virtual space. Please reach out to discuss solutions if you’re responsible for making this difficult decision.


Thank you!

-4th Down Team

Kristine O'Neil