Welcome to The Playbook


4th Down has been providing learning, engagement and real-time data through our mobile platform for almost 10 years. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver innovative solutions at the most critical time for our clients. Typically, this means the clock is running down and our clients need to score! Often times we are called off the bench to substitute out for other companies who have fallen short. It’s no coincidence that our company is named after the most pivotal play in football - 4th Down.

We always go for it.

Welcome to The Playbook!

This blog is meant to give you a sneak peek into our “playbook.” The backbone of our company. The reason we do what we do. Insight into what makes us most proud.

It’s Our People.

We have an amazing suite of technology offerings, but that’s only part of what makes us great. Our platform is impressive, but our team is why our customers keep returning. In a nutshell, our team runs plays that provide an expertise in and an understanding of the latest technology. Each post within The Playbook will provide insight to what our company values mean to our team members and how we use these internally and externally for our customers.

Hope you enjoy,

The Team at 4th Down Solutions

Kristine O'Neil