Motivating Your Employees For Optimal Performance Through Learning and Development

Identifying and leveraging each of your employees’ true internal drivers of success – their intrinsic motivators – along with the gaps that exist between your team’s ideal and desired state – can generate outstanding business results. Utilize those insights to deliver relevant and meaningful learning and development opportunities, and you get even better outcomes.  

4th Down Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology and data-driven learning solutions, has a proven methodology that empowers senior leaders to do this.

It takes just 10 minutes to start the process of identifying your team members’ top intrinsic motivators and the gaps. The resultant data – which provides you with critical insights that drive motivation, engagement and retention -- identifies:

o   Individual motivators and evidence-based insights for optimizing productivity and retention.

o   High-potential employees and the areas that will significantly impact their engagement and retention.

o   High-risk talent and the key leverage points to engage and retain them.

o   Where to focus resources based on critical motivational gaps.

o   Corporate cultural deficiencies based on an individual's motivational attributes.

 To ensure a learner is engaged and positioned for success, this data is overlaid with additional information including the employee’s role and areas of opportunity.

Based on the resultant analytics, 4DS aggregates relevant content from disparate learning sources and delivers it to individuals at their optimal moment for learning. The platform then reports on the employee’s participation, progress and performance. This holistic view of key correlations across disparate data sets enables you to make data-informed decisions that accelerate productivity, competency and proficiency and best position each individual and team for success.

The outcome is a culture where learning an intuitive part of the workday with sustained engagement and employees are empowered to drive positive business outcomes.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage this methodology and the resultant analytics? I’m happy to share more details on how intrinsically motivating your employees and delivering learning content in the moment of need will boost performance and productivity.    

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Frank Urso

SVP-Commercial, 4th Down Solutions

Kristine O'Neil