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Engagement For Learning

Specializing in user engagement and learning solutions for the enterprise, 4th Down thrives by making our customers’ dreams a reality. We often start with small projects, but our customers and partners have come to trust us with their most challenging strategic goals. We have a reputation for working tirelessly to help deliver on a global scale.

4th Down’s collaborative approach makes our team an extension of your team. Working together with you, our engagement and technology experts will leverage our proven suite of ready-to-configure enterprise-grade software, build something brand new, or co-create your next major business success.


Speed to Performance

4th Down can help you minimize the time it takes to prepare your team to perform on the highest level.

We use leading-edge technology, learning tools, and social trends to improve the effectiveness of engagement strategies for today's modern professionals. We recognize that technology is essential, but it is much more productive when it is able to empower and amplify human capabilities. At 4th Down, we always put the human first and provide them with the right technology super powers 


Our Family


Our Family


Our Story.
Our Culture.

Our team shines when the lights are brightest and the clock is ticking.

Sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight after working on yet another meeting filled with sleepless nights, the founders of 4th Down knew there had to be a better way.  Brett Howell and James Bodajlo discussed the need for a mobile approach to engagement and learning. They knew that if they joined forces they could build a successful business together of which they could be proud. With that goal in mind, 4th Down Software was founded on April 9, 2010. The founders had a yin and yang approach to solving problems, especially under pressure. Their shared desire for group success, rather than individual gain or praise, was and still is the foundation of 4th Down.

The term 4th Down is synonymous with pressure. Pressure is where the 4th Down team thrives. In the heat of the moment when the lights are shining and everyone is watching, that is when we find a way to deliver success.

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4th Down Software grew from just its founders into a thriving company. The 4th Down platform began as a pioneering meeting application in the early days of mobile technology. What started as a live event solution grew to be so much more to our customers and their end users. 4th Down evolved to be the cornerstone of the customer’s digital success - a true learning technology and engagement partner.

In 2015, corporate restructuring led 4th Down Software to evolve into 4th Down Solutions as a result of our service providing so much more than just software to our end customer.

Our Core Values

Despite our continued evolution into a full-service technology agency with specialized teams, our strong culture and team dynamic remains the most important aspect of 4th Down Solutions. At the center of our team is the idea that 4th Down Solutions is a family. “Family First” is a core value at the heart of our everyday solutions. We believe in the value of family for our employees as well as for our customers. This approach creates exceptional trust in our organization and trust is what is required when you “go for it” on 4th Down.


Enterprise Platform

The 4th Down platform allows for ground-up configuration, enterprise-ready security and compliance management with user smart content targeting. Our platform consists of a client-side application and a secure cluster of servers specific to each customer. The platform provides a single source for mobile content delivery with offline viewing and data collection available across an organization of any size, in any country or region.


Data +

Our application captures data at every touch. We tailor and update reports as your business demands evolve making our reporting flexible to your specific needs in the moment.  Our reports allow for up-to-the-minute measurement of usage, knowledge and comprehension from the individual level to the entire enterprise team. This gives you the ability to recognize the potential need for course correction, reevaluation of training, and identification of future learning needs.


Live Events

Combining our ability to develop content and collect data allows us to go above and beyond the everyday aspects of a meeting to provide you with a one-of-a-kind live meeting experience. Personalized agendas, resource libraries, social networking, and many more capabilities within the application can be handled by our on-site or remote staff.  We are also experts at individual tasks such as managing the registration process, providing real-time agenda updates, and executing live learning experiences.


Solution Design +

Our solutions team is comprised of talented customer executives, consultants, project managers, and experienced designers. Whether you’re creating an interactive workshop or rolling out a global learning platform, 4th Down has the experience and expertise to ensure your goals and objectives are achieved. We start with the why and guide you through each step of the project resulting in a trusted partnership.


Content +
Creative Development

Our creative and content teams develop intuitive learning experiences that your learners can use seamlessly both online and offline. We provide the right medium and branding for each of our customer’s specific needs whether it is a fully customized application or an existing product. We develop for every aspect of your learning journey beginning with interactive onboarding checklists, new hire curriculum, collaborative and social learning modules - all pulled through with ongoing training.


Resources +


Why Us +

For over a decade, 4th Down has been able to deliver our customers’ successful projects as a result of around-the-clock customer service coupled with expert agile teams. Our configurable platform allows our internal teams to create rapid solutions while providing you real-time data to make quick and educated decisions. This provides the coveted agility you need to run your business.