Imagine waking up confident your team has the right information to achieve optimal business results – and learning is an intuitive part of everyday life with sustained engagement. 4th Down Solutions can help you achieve this nirvana.

4th Down Solutions (4DS), a leading provider of innovative technology and data-driven learning solutions, is transforming the corporate learning experience.

Some of the most recognizable global companies – including leaders in healthcare, manufacturing and financial services – count on 4DS to deliver timely, individualized learning content that engages, educates and inspires associates and cohorts, empowering them to drive sales and bottom-line results.


We Empower Leaders and Engage Associates

We start by identifying your team’s top intrinsic motivators and – more importantly – where the gaps between your team’s ideal and desired state exist. These data-driven insights clear the path for increasing engagement and productivity. They’re also used to curate personalized learning experiences that inspire and empower employees to achieve their full potential. 

What Scientifically Validated Data Reveals 

The data provides leaders with the intimate understanding they need to drive motivation, productivity and retention by identifying: 

  • Individual motivators and evidence-based insights for optimizing productivity and retention. 

  • High-potential employees and the areas that will significantly impact their engagement and retention. 

  • High-risk talent and the key leverage points to involve and retain them.

  • Where to focus resources based on critical motivational gaps.

  • Corporate cultural deficiencies based on an individual's motivational attributes.

Delivering Relevant and Engaging Content

Based on the resultant analytics, 4DS aggregates relevant content from disparate learning sources and delivers engaging, individualized learning content to each employee at their optimal moment for learning. 

The platform then reports on the employee’s participation, progress and performance. This holistic view of key correlations across disparate data sets enables managers to make data-informed decisions that accelerate productivity, competency and proficiency and best position each individual and team for success.

Insights Nirvana Yields Positive Business Outcomes

Armed with the knowledge of what motivates employees – and most importantly, what gaps to focus resources on – is just the start of elevating business impact.  By overlaying learning and performance data as well as employee engagement results, 4DS helps identify deeper insights and correlations by cohort – role, tenure, geography and generation. 

The result? 

When leaders intimately understand their employees, they’re no longer blindly shooting at the productivity target. They have what it takes to deliver effective learning content, communications and initiatives that drive positive business outcomes. 


Our Family


We Make Continuous Learning a Part of Everyday Life …

… by streamlining content and personalizing the experience to each associate. The 4DS platform identifies an individual’s role, areas of opportunity and the intrinsic motivators that drive that individual to take action. Based on these insights, leaders use the 4DS platform to deliver timely, relevant learning content seamlessly from multiple sources to each associate.


Our Reporting Accelerates Proficiency

Reports showing each associate’s participation, progress, performance and motivators provide your leaders with the intelligence they need to drive individual and team productivity, competency and proficiency.


Our Solution at a Glance

A data-driven, digital solution, 4th Down Solutions’ (4DS) platform streamlines and measures the learning journey of commercial sales teams, engaging them in optimized, intuitive experiences.

The 4DS platform is the only one of its kind to synthesize and analyze its own data and data from disparate sources.

These advanced insights – combined with the quantifiable measurement of intrinsic motivators that predict engagement, productivity and job satisfaction – provide leaders with a holistic view of individual associates and cohorts.

By measuring participation, progress, performance and motivation, the platform reveals knowledge gaps and areas of opportunity … enabling leaders to make informed decisions about learning needs and what motivates associates and teams to increase performance.

Armed with this insight, leaders leverage the 4DS platform to deliver relevant learning content seamlessly from multiple sources to associates when they need it.

4DS’ platform empowers leaders to help new associates quickly internalize product knowledge and assimilate to company culture while expediting speed to performance, productivity and competency for tenured ones.


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