Is Your Organization Growing With the Flow? 

Corporate learning is ever evolving. And, the latest trend is moving from “learning in the flow of work” to “growth in the flow of work.”

That’s the overarching takeaway from research conducted by Josh Bersin, renowned talent market analyst, author, educator and thought leader. He shared the results of his company’s year-long study of corporate learning organizations in a recent article in Human Resource Executive:

“Of the 94 practices we studied, those that have highest impact on business and people performance outcomes are the relevance of a company’s learning offerings and the way they support employee growth,” Bersin writes. “This makes perfect sense. Many people are feeling stressed and sometimes overworked; they are also aware of other job options. If your company can deliver relevant and meaningful learning opportunities that help people grow, you’re making a positive impact on employees and paving the way for business success.”

In today’s world of learning content and general information overload, are you providing your employees with what they need to grow in the flow of work so they – and your organization – are successful? 

Doing this successfully hinges on streamlining and measuring each employee’s learning journey … and engaging them in optimized, intuitive experiences.

This can be done by: 

  • Tracking each learner’s participation, progress and performance. 

By revealing knowledge gaps and areas of opportunity, leaders can make informed decisions about each employee’s learning needs and motivators to increase performance.      

  • Quantifiably measuring the intrinsic motivators that predict each employee’s engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. 

Sharing these advanced insights with leaders provides them with a holistic view of each individual associates as well as cohorts. 

  • Based on this input, pushing relevant, learning content seamlessly from multiple sources to associates when they need it. 

This can be effectively, efficiently and seamlessly done using a data-driven, digital technology platform like 4th Down Solutions (4DS). 4DS’ platform empowers leaders to help new associates quickly internalize product knowledge and assimilate to company culture while expediting speed to performance, productivity and competency for tenured ones.

As corporate learning continues to evolve wit no end in sight,

we must all continue to empower our employees to

grow with the flow.

Have thoughts about this? 

Reach out to me. I’d love to hear them as here at 4DS, we continue to architect the future of workplace intelligence.

Frank Urso

SVP-Commercial, 4th Down Solutions

Kristine O'Neil