Is Your Learning Journey Driving Bottom-Line Results?

In “Current and Future Trends in Life Sciences Training,” a study recently published by JMIR Medical Education in collaboration with the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN), one participant commented:

“We, as practitioners and leaders alike, face a compelling need to improve in terms of competency, speed, quality, cost and overall return on investment.”

This got me thinking … how can we in the life sciences, biotechnology and medical device industries achieve this?

Then I went a step further and thought … what specifically will empower leaders to help their commercial team members drive positive bottom-line results? 

I came up with two factors:

  1. Data 

  2. Intrinsic motivators 

A data-driven, digital solution can streamline and measure the learning journey of sales associates, engaging them in optimized, intuitive experiences. A platform that synthesizes and analyzes its own data and data from other sources – then combines it with the quantifiable measurement of intrinsic motivators that predict engagement, productivity and job satisfaction – can provide leaders with a holistic view of individual learners and cohorts.


By measuring participation, progress, performance and motivation, a platform can reveal knowledge gaps and areas of opportunity … enabling leaders to make informed decisions about learning needs and what motivates associates and teams to increase performance.      

Then, based on this input, the platform can push relevant, learning content seamlessly from multiple sources to sales professionals when they need it. 

This kind of technology – available today through 4th Down Solutions – enable leaders to help new team members quickly internalize product knowledge and assimilate to company culture while expediting speed to performance, productivity and competency for tenured associates. 

My conclusion? Improving competency, speed, quality, cost and overall return on investment is not lurking in the distant future. The innovative technology that can help drive this is here now. 

Kristine O'Neil